How to fix an unstable Thomson DTi6300 Top Up TV recorder

The Thomson DTi6300 PVR can become slow and unresponsive if the available free disk space falls below 15%. This easy to fix by deleting a few programmes.

Sometimes however these boxes can get their disks in a twist, which can result in flaky operation even when there is sufficient free space. In this case, the answer is often to reformat the disk, which can be accomplished by following the steps below.

Thomson DTi6300 disk reformat instructions

Warning – this operation will delete all recordings!

  1. Select Menu then Set-Up and finally Help
  2. Press the  green remote button to access the Advanced Information menu
  3. Press the blue button
  4. Finally press the green button to proceed

The process takes about a minute, after which the box will restart, then go into standby. Hopefully you will then find your box operation has been returned to normal.