How can I find my mobile phone IMEI number?

You can easily find your IMEI on most phones by simply entering *#06# on the keypad. Some phones call it a serial number rather than the IMEI, which can be a little confusing. If *#06# doesn’t work with your phone there are a couple of other ways of finding the IMEI:

Look under the battery […]

Autopsy of a cellphone

Here’s another in our line of technology autopsies – a GSM cellphone. This one came from a car boot sale but had no subscriber identity module (SIM) card so it wouldn’t work. The SIM card slotted into the back of the case, between the battery and the main printed circuit board (PCB).

As you can […]

GSM phone technology

GSM cellular phones use a combination of Time and Frequency Division Multiple Access. TDMA simply means that several stations can share a frequency by taking turns. The difficult bit is making them think they’ve all got the channel to themselves. FDMA simply means that the spectrum is split into channels spaced 200 kHz apart. The […]