How to check lip sync on your HD satellite receiver

There still seem to be audio synchronisation problems with some HD satellite receivers. If you have doubts about yours you can access a lip sync test signal on the BBC HD channel. A test card is available too, which has surround sound audio channel identifications.

When the channel is off-air the BBC transmits a continuous […]

UK government finally accepts it cannot secure large databases

In a major climbdown the UK government has dumped plans for a massive communications database. To quote Jacqui Smith, Home Secretary, in the foreword to a government consultation on the subject, “the balance between privacy and security is a delicate one, which is why this consultation explicitly rules out the option of setting up a […]

Memory card speed ratings – what do they mean?

SD and CompactFlash memory cards often carry speed ratings but it isn’t clear what the numbers mean exactly. To make matters worse the two card formats use different methods of designating the speeds. Although many devices only take one card type what do you use if you have a camera or media player that will […]