Ubuntu Jaunty Jackalope (v 9.04) in beta now, full release due April 23

The latest release of Ubuntu, a version of the open source Linux operating system and prime alternative to Microsoft Windows, has just gone into beta. Codenamed Jaunty Jackalope, it has been in planning since September last year.

The new release provides faster bootup and includes a new version of the Gnome front-end which features Brasero […]

New iPhone due by Summer 2009?

Noticed how Apple launch new versions of the iPhone and make the features available on the older nodels with a software update? Well Apple have announced a new software update for the iPhone and iPod Touch this summer, which tips the wink that a new iPhone will also be on the way.

Existing iPhone users […]

Clearing the Windows Media Player transcoded files cache

Running out of hard disk space? Found a folder stuffed full of large-ish files (maybe using that excellent utility TreeSize from Jam Software)?

If you have ever used Windows Media Player (WMP) with a smartphone or portable media player you will probably have found that it very usefully identifies the device capabilities and if necessary […]

Is the time right to move to 64-bits?

PC processors have been 64-bit capable for quite a few years but for one reason or another we have virtually all stuck with 32-bit operating systems. With users’ needs growing , the need to address larger amounts of RAM is growing beyond the capabilities of 32-bit operating systems.

Windows Vista 32-bit can address up to […]

Memory card speed ratings – what do they mean?

SD and CompactFlash memory cards often carry speed ratings but it isn’t clear what the numbers mean exactly. To make matters worse the two card formats use different methods of designating the speeds. Although many devices only take one card type what do you use if you have a camera or media player that will […]