Windows 7 Europe – no IE, no upgrades

Windows 7 in Europe is going to ship without Internet Explorer. The move by Microsoft is in response to its recurrent problems with the EU. Manufacturers of new PCs will be able to choose a browser to install on the machine (most likely IE of course). Consumers purchasing Windows 7 will have to have broswer […]

Windows 7 pricing – £49 on pre-order

The pricing of Windows 7, which launches on Oct 22, has been announced and shockingly it’s quite reasonable if pre-ordered.

From July 15 to 9 Aug you will be able to pre-order Windows 7 Home Premium E for £49 or Windows 7 Professional E for £99. The offer is being handled by ‘participating retailers’ and […]

iPhone 3GS – OK, so we didn’t get the voice control

But otherwise our list of features wasn’t too far out was it? The phone launches June 19 but rumour has it you can order one from Carphone Warehouse from Wed.

Better battery life – 5 hours talk time, 9 hours surfing A better camera that finally does video – 3 Megapixel autofocus video-capable camera Voice […]

Steve Jobs to launch new iPhone?

You may have read here earlier in the year that a new iPhone was likely to appear this summer. Well that time is almost with us, with rumours of the product being launched at the Apple worldwide Developers Conference tomorrow. And just to add to the excitement there are now stories curculating that Steve Jobs […]

How to install RealPlayer in Ubuntu

Real Player is a high quality media player, which is freely available for Linux operating systems. It isn’t included in Linux packages because it is not a fully open source program. There are .rpm and .deb packages available for RedHat and Debian variants but nothing that will obviously work for Ubuntu. Fortunately it is fairly […]