PS3 bug now fixed

PS3 owners can breathe a sigh of relief. Sony have identified todays problem with the PlayStation Network which was causing mayhem for console owners. Players reported that consoles had also lost track of trophy collections. Fortunately the trophy data is not lost – get a new trophy and the list will reappear.

Apparently the problem […]

Problem retuning your BT Vision box?

The BT Vision PVR is a great product and in many ways preferable to a Sky+. One slight disadvantage is that like other Freeview boxes and TVs, it needs occasional retuning when the channel lineup changes. The box will normally prompt you to retune if it spots a change to the Freeview channel line-up.

Just […]

How to fix an unstable Thomson DTi6300 Top Up TV recorder

The Thomson DTi6300 PVR can become slow and unresponsive if the available free disk space falls below 15%. This easy to fix by deleting a few programmes.

Sometimes however these boxes can get their disks in a twist, which can result in flaky operation even when there is sufficient free space. In this case, the […]

Solving the ‘cannot find flash.ocx’ problem

Some people are being plagued by PC error messages saying “cannot find flash.ocx”. Often there is no indication of the program that has been looking for the missing file, so diagnosis is difficult.

Flash is an application that is great for providing interactive features on web pages. It is also used by screensavers and to […]