How to fix the Thomson Top Up TV receiver ‘orange light stuck on’ fault

There have recently been a rash of problems with Thomson DTi6300 hard disk Top Up TV boxes. The fault typically manifests itself as a box that won’t come out of standby, usually with an orange front-panel light stuck on.

Thomson Top Up TV PVR

The first thing to try is to turn the box […]

How much does it cost to use a small TV?

We plugged our energy meter into a mains socket then plugged our 10″ CRT TV into it. We had already entered our electricity price into the meter so it could give us a direct readout of running cost. The TV was left in standby when not is use as it had no front-panel mains switch, […]

So how does a TV antenna work?

Let’s take the example of a single-band UHF antenna. This looks a bit like a fish skeleton. The “bones” are arranged in pairs on opposite sides of a central “spine”. The bones near the front are shorter than those near the back. The critical difference of course is that an antenna is made of metal. […]