Windows 8 Pro upgrade for only £14.99

Good news; bad news.

The good news is that Microsoft are offering Windows 8 Upgrades for only £14.99 at

The bad news is that this offer is only open to those buying a new Windows 7 PC before 31 January 2013.

It might be some consolation to know that you […]

RS Components hiccup over RaspberryPi shipments?

It seems that the shipping FAQ on the RS Components Raspberry Pi website may be wrong or out of date and it is possible that RS are not be shipping all orders in the order they were received. One order we know about, placed and paid for almost 3 months ago, was only processed and […]

Google Nexus 7 pre-order deliveries – UK shipping dates

Google’s new 7″ tablet, the Nexus 7 appears to be late shipping and to make matters worse Google appear to be failing to communicate with their customers. Customers are complaining that since pre-ordering opened on June 27 they have had no contact from Google even to confirm their orders. Availability was quoted as 2-3 weeks, […]

Nokia launch Lumia Windows Phones


Nokia have been very open about their need for a successful line of smartphones. Microsoft are also in need of a partner who will really push the new Windows Phone platform – have you looked for a Windows phone in a retail store recently? So the launch of the Lumia 800 and its cheaper […]

WikiLeaks suspends publication in a fight for its life

WikiLeaks has been hit hard by the withdrawal of banking facilities and the refusal of VISA, MasterCard and PayPal to process payments. The limitations make it hard for supporters to make donations but WikiLeaks do still list seven different ways supporters can help. According to its website, WikiLeaks needs over $2m to cover its costs, […]

Electric car charging network starts

Ecotricity and Welcome Break have launched the first of a planned 27 electric car charging points in motorway services. The charging point, at South Mimms services, may not sound like a major leap forward but it will mean that electric car drivers finally have a way of moving their vehicles further than a single charge […]

Spotify to slash functionality of free music service

Spotify have announced a number of changes to Spotify Free (now known as Spotify Open) which will seriously impair the service for many users. After the first 6 months users will only be able to play individual tracks a maximum of 5 times and will only be able to use the free service for a […]

You couldn’t make it up – Japanese grid can’t solve nuke power loss due to 50/60 Hz split

Despite the West of Japan having a power surplus it can’t help the East, which is short if power thanks to the post-tsunami nuclear power problems.

Incredibly Japan is split by a 50 Hz/60 Hz incompatibility. The West based its power generation on 60 Hz American standards while the East uses ‘European’ 50 Hz. […]

ASA to regulate website marketing from 1 March 2011

The UK print, broadcast and display advertising regulator is soon to expanding its online activities. Up to now the only online adverts the ASA have regulated have been display ads such as banner ads. From 1 March 2011 they will start regulating the content of advertisers’ own websites and in non-paid-for space ‘under their control’. […]

Has HDCP, the HDMI content protection system, been hacked?

According to a posting on Twitter by ‘Intel Global PR’, HDCP copy protection has been hacked. HDCP is used to protect data being conveyed between digital devices via HDMI cabling and was partly developed by Intel. The benefits of hacking HDCP are a little unclear as the video signal on HDMI is uncompressed and therefore […]