Bing – bong?

Microsoft is due to launch a new search engine, Bing, on June 3. The launch may initially be restricted to the US, as Microsoft is taking time to sign up partner websites in each country. These partnerships may be both a strength and a weakness, as the quality of information could be good but perhaps […]

Fixing the Windows ‘low or out of virtual memory’ errors

Windows uses hard disk storage when the memory needed by the runnning programs is bigger than the amount of RAM memory your PC has. This ‘virtual’ memory is called a page file and is located in C:/pagefile.sys.

Sometimes the error arises because one or more of the applications has a ‘memory leak’ bug. When this […]

What is the difference between raisins, currants and sultanas?

Ever wondered what raisins, currants and sultanas were before they were dried out? The answer is simple:

Raisins = dried grapes Currants = dried grapes Sultanas = dried grapes

Of course it isn’t quite as simple as that or raisins, currants and sultanas would all look and taste the same. The differences are primarily due […]

Which barbecues are best – charcoal or gas?

Updated 25 May 2009

If you are considering buying a barbecue you will have noticed that they burn either solid fuel – charcoal – or gas. So what are the differences and why would you buy one in preference to the other?

That wonderful barbecue flavour Some […]

Wolfram Alpha goes live – so what is so special about it?

The new search engine, Wolfram Alpha went live today, although its 10,000 computing cores seem somewhat overwhelmed at trying to deal with the SlashDot effect of thousands of consecutive users trying it out for the first time.

There are now three different types of search engine:

Contextual (eg Google) – finds web pages in which […]

How can I find my Nokia N95 WiFi MAC address?

There is a simple keypad shortcut to find the wifi interface MAC address – simply type:

*#62209526# (the numbers spell ‘MAC WLAN’ on the keypad)

Knowing your phone MAC address can be quite useful. Many wifi access points will allow you to restrict service to a list of specific MAC addresses, which improves your home […]

How can I find my mobile phone IMEI number?

You can easily find your IMEI on most phones by simply entering *#06# on the keypad. Some phones call it a serial number rather than the IMEI, which can be a little confusing. If *#06# doesn’t work with your phone there are a couple of other ways of finding the IMEI:

Look under the battery […]

How to fix the Thomson Top Up TV receiver ‘orange light stuck on’ fault

There have recently been a rash of problems with Thomson DTi6300 hard disk Top Up TV boxes. The fault typically manifests itself as a box that won’t come out of standby, usually with an orange front-panel light stuck on.

Thomson Top Up TV PVR

The first thing to try is to turn the box […]

Barbecue gas – butane or propane?

Buying a gas barbecue can be more than a little complicated. You think you have worked out what you want, then you discover there are two types of LPG (Liqueified Petroleum Gas) – Butane and Propane. Not only that, but the gas bottles come with different sized valves. And what on earth is Patio Gas?