Apple to launch eBook reader?

You may have seen some of the hype for the much rumoured Apple Tablet. The device has been talked about for years and is reported to be near launch. In fact a major feature of the new device is likely be its use as an eBook reader.

With the iTunes store, Apple are in the ideal position to act as the bridge to the fast-disappearing world of the newspaper. We have seen a few paper closures in the UK (such as the London Paper) but the situation in the US is dire, with papers closing left, right and centre. Expect iTunes newspaper subscriptions to sell like hot cakes to commuters starved of their daily news fix. Add in sales of books and electronic magazines and it is clear that the market is one Apple will find hard to stay away from.

The device is likely to be usable as a web tablet but its processing and display capabilities may disappoint those expecting a large-screen device with PC-like power for the rumoured £350.