Privacy policy

We don’t hold any of your personal data, unless you put something in a comment which is accepted for publication. By submitting comments you accept that any personal data contained therein will be both stored and made public.

Each time you visit our site our server will record the IP address of your internet connection. In the UK, IP addresses are usually allocated on a temporary basis to the device that provides your internet connection. In most case this device be your home router but it may be a router within your ISP’s network. The latter arrangement is common with mobile broadband networks. We use analysis software for the purpose of enhancing our visitors’ user experiences, which uses IP addresses. This information is not used to develop a personal profile of you.

We use Google to serve ads when you visit our website, however advertising personalisation is switched off, so Google will not collect or use your information to create an ad profile or personalise the ads shown to you. Click here if you would like to know more about Google’s policies.  If you would like more information about controlling advertising cookies and to know your choices about the information used, click here.