Autopsy of a hairdryer

Here’s a hairdryer that got to the end of it’s useful life. As you can see they are really pretty simple. Basically all you’ve got is a heating element (behind the front grille) and a fan to blow air around it. Of course there’s always an on/off power switch.

This one has a couple […]

Autopsy of a hard drive

Oops, I dropped my hard drive!

Well to be truthful it had packed up so it wasn’t much of a loss. And it was only a 1Gb drive in the first place. As you can see below once the lid is off all the major mechanical components are exposed. You may have seen elsewhere that […]

Autopsy of a cellphone

Here’s another in our line of technology autopsies – a GSM cellphone. This one came from a car boot sale but had no subscriber identity module (SIM) card so it wouldn’t work. The SIM card slotted into the back of the case, between the battery and the main printed circuit board (PCB).

As you can […]