How to check lip sync on your HD satellite receiver

There still seem to be audio synchronisation problems with some HD satellite receivers. If you have doubts about yours you can access a lip sync test signal on the BBC HD channel. A test card is available too, which has surround sound audio channel identifications.

When the channel is off-air the BBC transmits a continuous […]

How to force a Sky receiver to do a software update

Forcing a Sky receiver to do a software update is very easy. The process could be terminal for the box if the mains is interrupted in mid-update so please be careful that this cannot happen accidentally.

Here are the steps to trigger an update:

Switch the box to standby Unplug the mains or switch off […]

How to find the hidden Sky installer menu

Here is how to access the hidden installer menu on your Sky box.

Warning one – do not change anything you do not understand.

Warning two – even if you do know what you are doing, make a note of the existing settings before changing anything.

The installer menu can be […]

Sky to recall 90,000 Pace HD boxes

Having problems with your Sky HD box? That may be the reason Sky are going to swap out 90,000 boxes made by Pace and which have some sort of non-safety related internal wiring fault, according to reports on Broadband TV News, Digital Spy and other technology websites. Affected customers will reportedly receive a voucher for […]