Add as a search provider in Internet Explorer (IE8)

Microsoft seem to have been making it harder to personalise the search engines used by the IE search box. There is a process for adding any search engine but it doesn’t seem to be as easy to find as it once was.

To add a new search provider, simply click on the link below and […]

Bing goes Wolfram Alpha

The Microsoft search engine Bing has signed a licensing deal with Wolfram Alpha, allowing Bing to feature results from Wolfram Alpha. It appears that nutrition information will be the first type of results to appear.

The service will be rolled out first in the US and follows the launch of the Wolfram Alpha API, which […]

Bing – bong?

Microsoft is due to launch a new search engine, Bing, on June 3. The launch may initially be restricted to the US, as Microsoft is taking time to sign up partner websites in each country. These partnerships may be both a strength and a weakness, as the quality of information could be good but perhaps […]

Wolfram Alpha goes live – so what is so special about it?

The new search engine, Wolfram Alpha went live today, although its 10,000 computing cores seem somewhat overwhelmed at trying to deal with the SlashDot effect of thousands of consecutive users trying it out for the first time.

There are now three different types of search engine:

Contextual (eg Google) – finds web pages in which […]