Apple iPad: when? how much?

Apple have still not announced details of UK iPad pricing despite the fact that the product is due to launch this month. Apple’s website currently says the WiFi iPad will be available in ‘late March’ with the 3G product following in April.

While the lack of a 3G product price may be down to negotiations […]

iPad or iBrick?

So, Steve Jobs of Apple announced their new tablet product today. The fact that it features on the US Apple website but not on the UK site is probably not good news for the UK’s early adopters. Rumours are June/July but I wouldn’t hold your breath. The product itself is…hmmm… interesting.

Here is the […]

Microsoft & HP pull the rug from under Apple’s iSlate

Microsoft’s Steve Balmer demonstrated a new HP slate computer in his keynote speech at the annual CES in Las Vegas on Wednesday, neatly pre-empting Apple’s planned launch of a similar device later this month. The HP device had a 10″ screen and was claimed to support full multi-touch. Other manufacturers, incuding Archos, are reported to […]

Apple to launch iSlate on January 26

Apple’s new ebook and web surfing tablet is due for launch on January 26. The device will not be called the iTablet or iBook as had been rumoured – neither names are available as .com domains – and the iBook name has already been used for Apple laptops. is registered to a company in […]