Upgrading to a 3D PC monitor

Here at Infomania Towers we’re always keen to try something new. So when one of our PC monitors started playing up and Ebuyer had an offer on the LG LED-backlit D2342 23″ PC monitor it just seemed like a sign…

The LG monitor connects via VGA, DVI or HDMI. We opted for DVI on the […]

PCTV nanoStick T2 290e Freeview HD DVB-T2 tuner stick

Regular DVB-T tuner cards and tuner sticks will allow your PC to receive and record regular Freeview TV and radio programmes. Things are a bit more complicated if you want to receive Freeview HD, as it uses a new broadcast standard, DVB-T2. This is an improved version of DVB-T which can deliver 40 Mbps in […]

Apple iPad: when? how much?

Apple have still not announced details of UK iPad pricing despite the fact that the product is due to launch this month. Apple’s website currently says the WiFi iPad will be available in ‘late March’ with the 3G product following in April.

While the lack of a 3G product price may be down to negotiations […]

Apple to launch eBook reader?

You may have seen some of the hype for the much rumoured Apple Tablet. The device has been talked about for years and is reported to be near launch. In fact a major feature of the new device is likely be its use as an eBook reader.

With the iTunes store, Apple are in the […]

Is the time right to move to 64-bits?

PC processors have been 64-bit capable for quite a few years but for one reason or another we have virtually all stuck with 32-bit operating systems. With users’ needs growing , the need to address larger amounts of RAM is growing beyond the capabilities of 32-bit operating systems.

Windows Vista 32-bit can address up to […]

What the heck is a googlewhack?

Type any two words into Google and press enter. The result usually brings you hundreds or even thousands of pages. The elusive Googlewhack is a magic combination of words that returns a single result.

There are two rules – the words must be genuine and the result bar must show “1-1 of 1” results.

You […]

Photo fading – CDs, DVDs and prints

You might be surprised to know that you can’t even be sure the CDs you burned of this year’s digital photographs will last five years, let alone the inkjet prints you made. […]

Hello world!

Welcome to Infomania

The website was previously running on a CMS (content management system) which proved to time consuming to manage. Hopefully the new platform will allow us to concentrate on postings, hints and tips on a more frequent basis.

We’ll transfer some of Infomania’s original articles onto this website soon, so some of the […]