Upgrading to a 3D PC monitor

Here at Infomania Towers we’re always keen to try something new. So when one of our PC monitors started playing up and Ebuyer had an offer on the LG LED-backlit D2342 23″ PC monitor it just seemed like a sign…

The LG monitor connects via VGA, DVI or HDMI. We opted for DVI on the basis that a digital interconnect would give a sharper image and the HDMI would be left free for connection of video products and digital cameras.

We’re not into gaming but the monitor ships with a free copy of a 3D game, Assassin’s Creed. It also comes with a pair of regular passive 3D glasses and a pair of clip-ons. The installation disk contains 3D driver software with sample 3D photographs and 3D video clips.

The results are pretty good. We were able to view 3D photos and video shot with a Fuji W3 3D camera as well as 3D YouTube videos. The BBC also helpfully transmitted a 3D film on BBC HD, which was recorded using Windows Media Center and an HD tuner stick. WMC can’t drive the display properly for 3D but it was possible to view the programme in 3D using the supplied TriDef 3D player.

For 3D, the viewing position is quite critical, particularly the vertical viewing angle, but the monitor stand is easy to adjust to the right degree of tilt.

3D is overall very impressive and the display works fine for regular 2D material, with no hint that it is anything other than a reasonable quality LED-backlit LCD monitor. The display is pleasingly matte, unlike the earlier Zalman 3D PC monitors which were distractingly reflective. The only hint of a problem is that the monitor is very bright, even when wearing the 3D glasses!