Problem retuning your BT Vision box?

The BT Vision PVR is a great product and in many ways preferable to a Sky+. One slight disadvantage is that like other Freeview boxes and TVs, it needs occasional retuning when the channel lineup changes. The box will normally prompt you to retune if it spots a change to the Freeview channel line-up.

Just occasionally the retuning process goes wrong and gets stuck at 0% progress. The solution to the problem is quite simple though – switch the box to standby and turn the mains off at the socket (or pull the plug out…)

Leave the box off for 10-15 secĀ then turn the mains back on. After the box reboots, which takes a few minutes, you can start the retuning process by pressing the ‘BT Vision’ button, going to Settings, selecting TV SettingsĀ then Add Channels to TV Guide then finally Scan for Channels.

Happy viewing!