Spotify to slash functionality of free music service

Spotify have announced a number of changes to Spotify Free (now known as Spotify Open) which will seriously impair the service for many users. After the first 6 months users will only be able to play individual tracks a maximum of 5 times and will only be able to use the free service for a maximum of 10 hours a month.

New users will get the current full functionality for the first 6 months. Existing users will have the new rules applied 6 months after they signed up. For those who signed up more than 6 months ago the new rules kick in on May 1.

The cuts to the service mean that although Spotify Free will still be a good way of exploring new music, users who have relied on it as a free online jukebox will be disappointed. They will have to consider whether to subscribe to the £4.99 a month ‘Unlimited’ or £9.99 a month ‘Premium’ services.