How much does it cost to use an Espresso machine?

We plugged our energy meter into a mains socket then plugged our espresso machine into it. We had already entered our electricity price into the meter so it could give us a direct readout of running cost. Having filled the machine with water, it was switched on to warm up, which took around ten minutes. The machine was then used to produce two cups of espresso and 300ml (around ½ pint) of milk was heated to 65 degrees Fahrenheit using the steam wand. Result – two delicious lattes and this report.

Fact file

Appliance: Gaggia Carezza espresso machine

Mains suppy voltage: 239v

Main heating element consumption: varied between 1200 and 1330 watts

Pump consumption: 70 watts

Peak consumption: 1382 watts

Maximum current: 5.8 Amps

Consumption time: 6 min 15 sec out of around 20 min of use (no power is consumed when the thermostat kicks in).

Total energy consumption: 0.13 KWh

Cost to make two lattes (at 10p/KWh): 1.3p