How much does it cost to use a small TV?

We plugged our energy meter into a mains socket then plugged our 10″ CRT TV into it. We had already entered our electricity price into the meter so it could give us a direct readout of running cost. The TV was left in standby when not is use as it had no front-panel mains switch, only a standby switch. The TV was used normally, around 2 hours a day over a total test period of 180 hours and 32 minutes.

Fact file

Appliance: Ferguson 10″ CRT TV

Mains suppy voltage: 236v

Power consumption, on: approx 41 watts – varied between 37 and 44 watts

Power consumption, standby: 4 watts

Maximum power consumption: 61 watts

Consumption time: 180.5 hours. (7 days 12.5 hours)

Total energy consumption: 1.38 KWh

Cost of use (at 10p/KWh): 13.8p or around 1.8p/day

NB Over the test period the power wasted while the set was in standby was about the same as that used for watching programmes. We turn it off at the socket now!