How much does it cost to use a deep fat fryer?

We plugged our energy meter into a mains socket then plugged our thermostatically-controlled deep fat fryer into it. We had already entered our electricity price into the meter so it could give us a direct readout of running cost. The fryer was switched on to warm up to 190 degrees, which took around ten minutes. It was then used to fry two portions of chips (french fries).

Fact file

Appliance: Breville Coolwall Deep Fat Fryer

Mains suppy voltage: 236v

Power consumption: varied between 1833 and 1900 watts

Maximum current: 8.1 Amps

Consumption time: 14 min 15 sec

Total energy consumption: 0.41 KWh

Cost to fry two portions of chips (at 10p/KWh): 4.1p