How much does it cost to use a kettle?

We plugged our energy meter into a mains socket then plugged our kettle into it. We had already entered our electricity price into the meter so it could give us a direct readout of running cost. Having half-filled the kettle with 1.5 pints (3/4 litre) of water, it was switched on. We found that the kettle consumed power even when switched off – we weren’t surprised as the handle is warm to the touch even after the kettle has stood overnight. To be fair the instructions do advise turning the ketle of at the mains when not in use.

Fact file

Appliance: Breville Lightning JK15 jug kettle

Mains suppy voltage: 237v

Power consumption: 2420 watts

Power consumption when ‘off’: 3 watts

Consumption time: 2 min 15 sec

Total energy consumption: 0.09 KWh

Cost to boil 1.5 pints of water (at 10p/KWh): 0.9p