Windows 7 cut-price pre-order

Astonishingly a number of the Windows 7 launch partners are selling the pre-order version for even less than the cut-price £49.99 that had been expected.

The full list of launch partners can be found here. Apart from Amazon, who unusually haven’t got their act together yet and appear to be only offering the Professional version, the following are offering Windows 7 Home Premium E for £44.99, while the rest charge the full £49.99.

PC World

The price of Windows 7 goes up on 10 August. Home Premium will then cost £79.99 until the end of the year and £149.99 after that. The Professional version costs £89.99 now, £189.99 from 10 August until December 31and a whopping £219.99 after that.

Buy now while stocks last!