iPhone 3GS – OK, so we didn’t get the voice control

But otherwise our list of features wasn’t too far out was it? The phone launches June 19 but rumour has it you can order one from Carphone Warehouse from Wed.

  • Better battery life – 5 hours talk time, 9 hours surfing
  • A better camera that finally does video – 3 Megapixel autofocus video-capable camera
  • Voice memo and cut & paste – Yes, yes, and they added voice control for the phone and iPod features
  • Support for stereo bluetooth headphones – erm sounds like it doesn’t have this
  • Wifi auto-login – or this
  • In-device¬†search – Spotlight search built in
  • A digital compass – and they called it Compass
  • Another couple of new features are

    • Faster data speed (‘up to’ 7Mbps HSPA 3G)
    • The keyboard works when the phone is in landscape mode

    You can also use the iPhone as a modem to connect your laptop to the web while on the move. Assuming O2 play ball.

    There is/isn’t a budget iPhone. You can buy the 8Gb old model for $99. In the states. On a contract. A long one.

    Oh, and Steve Jobs didn’t turn up.

    PS Got an old iPhone? Update it to V3.0 software for free and get many of the new features. Except the best ones of course.