Steve Jobs to launch new iPhone?

You may have read here earlier in the year that a new iPhone was likely to appear this summer. Well that time is almost with us, with rumours of the product being launched at the Apple worldwide Developers Conference tomorrow. And just to add to the excitement there are now stories curculating that Steve Jobs will be making an early return from sick leave to announce the new product.

What features would a new iPhone be likely to have? How about:

  • Better battery life
  • A better camera that finally does video
  • Voice memo and cut & paste
  • Support for stereo bluetooth headphones
  • Wifi auto-login
  • In-device┬ásearch
  • A digital compass

If the rumours are true the one feature missing will be Flash video. When the new phone does appear it may actually turn out to be two different models – a full spec version with all the bells & whistles and a cut-price version aimed at soaking up the lower end of the smart(er)phone market.