How to check lip sync on your HD satellite receiver

There still seem to be audio synchronisation problems with some HD satellite receivers. If you have doubts about yours you can access a lip sync test signal on the BBC HD channel. A test card is available too, which has surround sound audio channel identifications.

When the channel is off-air the BBC transmits a continuous stream of programme clips, in what is known as the Barker. The test card appears after an hour, with the audio sync test 50 minutes after that.

So one hour after the BBC HD channel programmes come to an end you can see the test card. One hour and fifty minutes after closedown the audio sync test appears.

In brief the audio sync test shows two moving white bars, one vertical and one horizontal. The vertical one is a clapperboard while the horizontal bar shows the video timing relative to the audio. Simply listen to the audio and see where the horizontal bar has reached at the point that the clapperboard sound is heard. The numerical scale will show you how far in advance or behind the pictures are compared to the sound.

Both test signals can conveniently be recorded on a Freesat or Sk+ HD recorder by using the manual recording option BUT you may well find that the audio sync on replay is slightly different to that on live viewing!

For fuller details on the audio sync test signal see the BBC Blog here.