How to force a Sky receiver to do a software update

Forcing a Sky receiver to do a software update is very easy. The process could be terminal for the box if the mains is interrupted in mid-update so please be careful that this cannot happen accidentally.

Here are the steps to trigger an update:

  • Switch the box to standby
  • Unplug the mains or switch off at the mains socket
  • Hold the Back Up button on the box (not the remote) in. Do not release it.
  • Switch the mains back on or re-insert the plug
  • After a few seconds you should see a black & white screen warning that the box is updating
  • Now you can release the Back Up button

After the update the box will reboot and enter standby. Sky+ boxes in particular will take a few minutes to sort themselves out before they can be switched back on. Installers reckon the box can get confused if you try too early.