How to find the hidden Sky installer menu

Here is how to access the hidden installer menu on your Sky box.

Warning one – do not change anything you do not understand.

Warning two – even if you do know what you are doing, make a note of the existing settings before changing anything.

The installer menu can be acccessed by the following button presses:

  • Services
  • 4 (or by choosing System Setup from the menu)
  • 01 Select (press the keys rapidly, one after the other)

You should then see the installer menu, which offers the following options on a Sky + box:

  • LNB Setup – offers options to make the box work with a non-standard LNB
  • Default transponder – don’t change this setting
  • Telephone Setings – allows use on non-standard phone systems (eg PBX)
  • RF Outlets – allows you to choose which channel the Sky box will output its analogue PAL signal on. Also switches RF outlet power supply
  • Manual tuning – no more useful than Add channels in the System Setup menu
  • New installation – don’t select this unless you are a Sky installer
  • Sky+ planner rebuild – allows Sky+ to rebuild list of recordings after a major box crash
  • Full system reset – if all else fails…

NB Sky HD boxes are in the process of having their EPG updated. The new EPG offers access to Service menus etc from the main EPG screen. We have not yet been able to check that the installer menu access mechanism is unchanged.