New iPhone due by Summer 2009?

Noticed how Apple launch new versions of the iPhone and make the features available on the older nodels with a software update? Well Apple have announced a new software update for the iPhone and iPod Touch this summer, which tips the wink that a new iPhone will also be on the way.

Existing iPhone users will get the new software for free, while iPod users will have to pay ($9.95). The software is a bit of a catch-up for Apple, providing many features that are standard on other phones, such as voice memo and cut & paste. What isn’t known is whether any new phone will have hardware features that the current phones lack – iPhones have always been poor performers in the camera stakes so maybe the new version will have a decent camera and the ability to shoot video.

Other new features planned for the new software release include support for stereo bluetooth headphones on the iPhone 3G, wifi auto-login and in-device search. Apparently still missing from the iPhone’s feature-set will be support for Flash video.