Updating the Philips DTR1500 Freeview box

The Philips DRT1500 set-top box is a great Freeview receiver but suffers one problem. It is only possible to add new channels to the channel lineup, not change those already tuned in. As channel names and numbers change the channel list can get quite out of date.

It is possible to reset the Philips receiver to the default factory settings, which will cause the receiver to tune all the channels in afresh.

Here’s how:

How to do a factory reset on the Philips DTR1500 Digital Terrestrial TV (Freeview) set-top box

1) Turn off the mains.
2) Hold in the + button on the box
3) Turn the mains back on while continuing to hold in the + button
4) Wait for the orange light to start blinking, then release the + button
5) Press + briefly
6) The red light will now start blinking
7) Using the remote, enter 9900
8) Wait a minute or so while the box sorts itself out and clears the stored settings
9) Finally will see a green light and the box will start up as if brand new

NB The box will lose all user settings such as widescreen settings, blocked channels and favourites lists. If necessary make a note of what they are before resetting!